Hospice Home Donors

June 27, 2022
We are honored to recognize these individuals and businesses who have made gifts to our Hospice Home Campaign. Thank you for your support and dedication to make a difference in the future of healthcare for our West Tennessee community.

*Donors as of June 27, 2022. Those who chose to give anonymously have not been listed.

Pinnacle Society | $50,000+

Dement Construction Company
Drs.  Tim and Jan Crossett
Emergency Medical Care Facilities
Leaders Credit Union
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Ross
Mrs. Fiona Harlan

Visionary Society | $10,000-$49,999

Mrs. Jane Alderson
Mr. and Mrs. Jeb Campbell    
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Campbell, III    
Mr. and Mrs. Stan Harris    
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Jones    
Mr. Young Kim    
Mrs. Joy Watlington Meriwether    
Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Merwin    
Dr. and Mrs. Kippi Miller    
Mr. and Mrs. Dudley Myracle     
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Taylor    
Mrs. Kristi Turnbow    
Dr. and Mrs. Demareo J. Webb    
Dr. and Mrs. Steven N. Williams  
Dr.  and Mrs. Bobby C. Higgs  
Dr.  and Mrs. Clyde E. Smith    
TBDN Tennessee Company    
Delta Faucet Company    
West Tennessee Oncology Consultants, PLLC

Enterprise Society | Business Gifts $3,000+

Crocker  Construction Co., Inc.    
Delta Faucet Company    
Dement Construction Company    
Emergency Medical Care Facilities    
FairCode Associates, LLC    
First Citizens National Bank  
Flintco LLC    
George A. Smith & Sons Funeral Home    
Hoyt Hayes Construction, Inc.    
Leaders Credit Union    
Mid-South Credit Bureaus, Inc.    
TBDN Tennessee Company    
West Tennessee Oncology Consultants, PLLC    
Xtend  Healthcare

Physician Giving Society | $1,000+

Dr. Timothy  Crossett    
Dr. Daniel Merwin    
Dr. Bobby Higgs    
Dr. Jesse Miller    
Dr. Clyde Smith    
Dr. Don Lewis    
Dr. Gregory Franz    
Dr. Brian Walker    
Dr. Archie Wright    
Dr. John Neblett    
Dr. Jeffrey Kovalic    
Dr. Jim Craig    
Dr. Mario Figueroa    
Dr. Joe Harris    
Dr. Donald Hatcher    
Dr. William Hayden    
Dr. Crystal Hoonhorst-Parson    
Dr. David James    
Dr. Ernest McClinton    
Dr. Thomas Norsworthy    
Dr. Michael Ralston    
Dr. Michael Revelle    
Dr. William Willis    
Dr. Thomas Head    
Dr. Molly Rheney    
Dr. Jason Sullivan    
Dr. William Priester    
Dr. James Payne    
Dr. Darrion Prewitt    
Dr. James Price    
Dr. Claude Pirtle    
Dr. John James    
Dr. David Roberts    
Dr. Jackie Taylor    
Dr. Sarah Camper    
Dr. Tarebiye Pela

Cornerstone Donors | $250-$9,999

Ms. Brandi Adams
Dr. and Mrs. Brad Adkins
Ms. Jacqueline Adkisson
Ms. Bridget Adkisson
Ms. Christy Akins
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Alexander
Mr. and Mrs. Harbert L. Alexander, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Alexander
Ms. Cayce Allen
Ms. Tyeshia Allen
Ms. Sara Ammons
Dr. Daisy T. Antique
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Archer
Ms. Martha J. Arnold
Ashley Arnold
Mr. and Mrs. Jube Ashworth
Ms. Christina M. Atkins
Mr. Dan Atkinson
Ms. Rose F. Bailey
Ms. Stacy Baker
Jhoanna V. Baker
Ms. Patricia Baltimore
Anna Barbee
Mr. and Mrs. Bradley S. Barber
Mr. and Mrs. Tyler Barbour
Mr. and Mrs. Emmett Barker
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Barker
Ms. Chelseay Barnhill
Ms. Michelle Barr
Ms. Desiree K. Barry
Ms. Micha L. Bates
Ms. Hayle Bates
Ms. Frances M. Beard
Mr. and Mrs. Will Bell
Ms. Tammie C. Bell
Ms. Rebecca Bell
Ms. Abbie Bishop
Ms. Tammy Bivens
Ms. Dreama Blake-Dolan
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey D. Blankenship
Ms. Aliyah Bonds
Mr. Justin Bonilla
Ms. Nakeitha D. Bonner
Mr. Harry Boosey
Odessey Bosley
Ms. Julia Bowen
Ms. Candi L. Box
Mr. and Mrs. Julius Boyd
Ms. Hazel V. Boyd
Ms. Mary R. Boyd
Devyn Bradley
Ms. Kalesha Brand
Nakeeva Brandon
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Brasfield
Judge and Mrs. John D. Breen
Ms. Michelle Bresch
Ms. Bailey R. Brewer
Ms. Heather M. Brewer
Ms. Tammy Brewer
Mrs. Taylor A. Ballentine
Ms. Candy E. Brock
Ms. Julie A. Brown
Ms. Madison Brown
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Brueggeman
Mr. and Mrs. Phil Bryant
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Burch
Mrs. Darlene Butler
Ms. Jamey L. Butler
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Euler
Raymond Cagle
Ms. Kimberly G. Caldwell
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Calvert
Dr. Sarah Jane Camper
Mr. Troy Carmack
Mrs. Bonnie M. Carmack
Mr. and Mrs. Clint Carnal
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley W. Carnell
Ms. Rita Carp
Ms. Emilee Carpenter
Sade Carter
Ms. Jessica L. Carver
Kristen Cates
Mr. Tavares A. Chaney
Ms. Jamie Chapman
Ms. Ashlianna O. Chessor
Ms. Kelly S. Childress
Ms. Shannon Cinicola
Ms. Jessica C. Clark
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Clark
April Clark
Ms. Kaylinn Clark
Ms. Melissa B. Clark
Ms. Sydney Clem
Ms. Jessica Clepper
Ms. Tara Cokley
Ms. Cynthia Cole
Ms. Tamara Connelly
Ms. Karissa Conner
Mr. and Mrs. Steven W. Cooley
Travis L. Cope
Mr. Brian Cornelison
Micah Cosey
Beth Cossar
Ms. Devin R. Couch
Mr. and Mrs. B F Cox
Dr. and Mrs. Charles W. Cox
Ms. Cindy Cox
Ms. Lisa R. Cox
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Craft
Ms. Denise Michelle Crain
Ms. Leslie W. Crane
Ms. Olivia Crane
Ms. Melissa D. Cranford
Mr. and Mrs. Colton Creasy
Ms. Tanisha Crisp
Ms. Haylee B. Criswell
Ms. Toni R. Crockett
Ms. Charlotte J. Crockett
Ms. Sharonda Cross
Ms. Marilyn Cunningham
Ms. Heather Daniels
Ms. Elizabeth F. Davidson
Ms. Glenda Davis
Ms. Leigh Ann Davis
Mr. Jason Debruyn
Ms. Sandy Dee
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Dement
Mrs. Pam Deming
Ms. Jennifer N. Dennison
Ms. Meagan R. Diamond
Ms. Victoria Dickhaut
Ms. Shelia Dieringer
Mr. and Mrs. Lane Dill
Ms. Samantha J. Dishman
Mr. John Dixon
Ms. Laurie A. Dominas
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Donahoe
Ms. Becky Donaldson
Ms. Bobbie L. Doran
Mr. William Downs
Christine S. Drehman
Ms. Lisa N. Dunham
Ms. Wendy M. Dzurney
Mr. Wyde Edwards Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Ellis
Ms. Sandy Ellis
Ms. Madelyne Ellis
Ms. Laura England
Reni Erven
Ms. Elizabeth A. Essary
Ms. Rebecca Essary
Mr. and Mrs. Donald P. Eubank
Ms. Christine Evans
Mr. Scott Evans
Mrs. Erika Fair
Ms. Sarah Faulkner
Ms. Tina M. Felts
Ms. Linda Ferguson
Angela D. Finn
Ms. Patrice D. Ford-Taylor
Ms. Megan K. Forker
Mr. James B. Fountain
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Fowler
Ms. Ciera Fox
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Frankland III
Ms. Jean Franklin
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Freeman
Dr. and Mrs. Hal Freeman
Ms. Sarah Frost
Mr. Timothy A. Furrow
Ms. Melissa A. Gammons
Ms. Macey Garig
Ms. Allison Garrett
Ms. Janna R. Garvin
Ms. Brandy Gass
Ms. Teresa G. Gaugh
Antoine Genes
LeAundra Gillis
Ms. Kathy Victoria Glenn
Mr. Andrew Goad
Ms. Jacquelyn Gobelet
Reverend Carolyn Smith Goings, Ph.D.
Ms. Quishonda A. Gooch
Ms. Sonya Goodman
Ms. Ashlyn Goodwin
Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Graves
Ms. Crystal Green
Mr. and Mrs. Todd Greene
Ms. Lesha C. Greer
Ms. Myesha Greer
Ms. Lacy C. N. Gregory
Ms. Amy D. Grief
Ms. Kelly Guzouskis
Ms. Jackie L. Hageman
Ms. Mia Haggard
Mr. and Mrs. John Haltom
Dr. Jere D. Hammond
Ms. Teresa R. Hammonds
Ms. Tiffany Hanneman
Ms. Amber Hansen
Ms. Jordan N. Hardin
Ms. Laura E. Hardin
Ms. Chanetra Hardin
Ms. Tracy R. Harper
Ms. Dazarae Harris
Ms. Jasmine Harris
Mr. and Mrs. Herman Harthcock
Mrs. Carol Harville
Ms. Judy Haskins
Ms. Janna R. Haskins
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Hatchett
Ms. Kathy Hatfield
Mr. and Mrs. Bradley M. Hayes
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Hayes
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Hays
Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Hays
Dr. Thomas Head
Mr. Jason A. Hearn
Ms. Haley Henderson
Ms. Kandice Henley
Ms. Pamela M. Henson
Ms. Kayla D. Henson
Ms. Molly Herman
Ms. Ellen R. Hernandez
Mr. and Mrs. Michael M. Hewitt
Mrs. Susan Hiscox
Ms. Donna K. Holder
Ms. Sarah Holley
Ms. Lauren M. Hollomon
Ms. Chantel Holmes
Ms. Brenna Hopper
Ms. Alexandra Horn
Ms. Deitra L. Howard
Curtis E. Howard
Shumond Hughes
Ms. Patricia Humphreys
Melisa Hunt
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Hunter
Ms. Stephanie Hurst
Ms. Deborah Hussey
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Hutchison
Ms. Tammy Inman
Senator and Mrs. Ed Jackson
Ms. Vicki Jackson
Dr. and Mrs. Jason James
Ms. Akesha James
ShaReese James
Ms. Tara A. Johnson
Ms. Cathleen M. Johnson
Ms. Deborah H. Johnson
Rahson Johnson
Chivonne Johnson-Mays
Mr. Charles T. Johnston
Ms. Tracy M. Jones
Ms. Kimberly A. Jones
Ms. Cynthia G. Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Jones
Ms. Nicole M. Jones
Ms. Andrea N. Jones
Ms. Cynthia F. Jones
Ms. Monique M. Jones
Ms. Shana Jones
Ms. Tanesha L. Jones
Birdie Jones-King
Mr. Donald G. Jordan
Ms. Holly G. Jowers
Ms. Allison R. Kayal
Mr. Levi Kayser
Ms. Dana Kearney
Ms. Teresa B. Kee
Ms. Jamaya Kemp
Ms. Angel Kendall
Ms. Claudette H. Kendrick
Wanda S. King
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Kirkland
Mr. and Mrs. James Kirkland
Ms. Beth Kizer
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Knox
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Koffman
Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Kovalic
Ms. Tabitha Kozlowski
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Krodel
Ms. Brenna Laffoon
Mr. and Dr. Jeffrey S. Lake
Drs. Peter and Bethany Lawrence
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest T. Lawrence
Ms. Dana M. Lawrence
Ms. Candi Ledford
Mrs. Nicole Lee
Ms. Lindley A. Lents
Ms. Teresa J. Leo
Ms. Rachel Levy
Ms. Ashley B. Lewellyng
Ms. LaTonya Lewis
Dr. Don Lewis
Mr. Daron G. Lifsey
Ms. Annette Long
Ms. Amber Long
Ms. Emily Lowrance
Ms. Carla R. Lunsford
Ms. Susan Lute
Ms. Kathy A. Lyell
Mr. Darren Lykes
Ms. Jennifer Maben
Ms. Rachael Maness
Ms. Lacresha Mann
Ms. Kiara Mann
Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Mansfield, Sr.
Dr. and Mrs. William Mariencheck, Jr.
Mr. Ken Marston
Mr. Jason Martinez
Ms. Donmeka L. Martin-Mercer
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Matheny
Mr. Damon C. Mays
Mr. Tony E. Mcafee
Mr. and Mrs. Tyreece Miller
Ms. Debra McAnally
Ms. Rachel L. McCarley
Ms. Hanna S. McDonald
Ms. Teresa M. McDonald
Ms. Shontia M. McGee
Ms. Sheleia McHaney
Mrs. Joan E. McInnis
Ms. Tracey J. McKnight
Mr. Frank T. McMeen, Jr.
Beth McNeil
Mrs. Kathy L. Mealer
Ms. Emily Meredith
Ms. Sandra L. Merritt
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Milam
Dr. and Mrs. Preston Miller
Ms. Chloe Miller
Mr. Cameron Miller
Ms. Kandace Mills
Ms. Tara M. Millspaugh
Ms. Rebecca L. Monks
Ms. Lauren Moody
Ms. Casandra D. Moody
Ms. Tamara M. Moore
Chelsea Moore
Ms. Randi A. Moore
Ms. Sharleen G. Morgan
Ms. Jenny M. Morgan
Mrs. and Mr. Heather L. Morris
Ms. Kristen J. Morris
Ms. Laura Morrison
Ms. Vicki R. Morrison
Mrs. Tammy M. Murphree
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Murphy
Mr. Anthony W. Myers
Mr. and Mrs. John Nanney
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Naylor
Dr. and Mrs. John W. Neblett, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Ted Nelson
Ms. Whitney R. Newsom
Ms. Katie E. Newsom
Mrs. Yolanda L. S. Newson
Mr. and Mrs. Warren L. Nicely
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Nichols
Ms. Lily C. Nixon
Mr. Dale Nolen
Mr. Scott S. Norris
Mrs. Elaine Northern
Ms. Georgia Novotny
Ms. Angela Nowlin
Kristi Ostrom
Ms. Allison Overton
Mr. Dennis R. Owen
Ms. Vicki S. Paris
Mr. and Mrs. Marcus Parker
Ms. Debra Parker
Ms. Jodie Parrish
Mr. Andrew K. Parrish
Mr. John D. Pasley Jr.
Ms. Tricia L. Pastic
Ms. Pamela M. Pate
Ms. Kayla Patel
Mr. and Mrs. Chad Patrick
Dr. and Mrs. James A. Payne
Ms. Jennifer Pearson
Ms. Tilda K. Pearson
Dr. Tarebiye Pela
Mr. Chad Perry
Mrs. Lisa Hawks Phillips
Ms. Jacqueline M. Pierce
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Piercey
Ms. Tristan Rodriguez
Dr. and Mrs. Claude Pirtle
Ms. Sophina Pirtle
Mr. Jeremy H. Pittman
Ms. Tina J. Pleasant
Ms. Sarah Pollock
Ms. Nicole G. Pompa
Terri Powell
Ms. Tina M. Prescott
Ms. Hannah Prestenbach
Dr. Darrion J. Prewitt
Dr. and Mrs. James A. Price
Ms. Scherry A. Priddy
Dr. and Mrs. William B. Priester
Ms. Tara Privette
Ms. Amber Pulley
Taylor Pylate
Ms. Jessica Quilbio
Ms. Selena Quintero-Herring
Mr. and Mrs. Brad Rainey
Ms. Keli Ramey
Ms. Sheketha R. Raspberry
Ms. Beverly A. Ray
Ms. Anita Rea
Iyonda Reed
Mrs. Julie A. Reese
Ms. Stacey Reeves
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Replogle
Ms. Sharon Reynolds
Mr. and Dr. Alan Rheney
Ms. Jennifer E. Rice
Ms. Jennifer E. Rice
Ms. Sara Rice
Ms. Rosaline Richards
Ms. Raven A. Richardson
Ms. Tonya L. Richardson
Ms. Retta L. Riley
Ms. Chelesse D. Risley
Ms. Julie A. Robbins
Ms. Kimberly J. Roberts
Ms. Mykayla B. Robertson
Katelyn Robertson
Ms. Lakeisha Robinson
Ms. Janice D. Robinson
Ms. Mary K. Roe
Ms. Lore J. Rogers
Ms. Francine Rogers
Ms. Barbara A. Rogers
Ms. Hailey Carson Rogers
Ms. Juliane Rooks
Mr. and Mrs. Chad Rowlett
Ms. Sandra K. Rowlett
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Rudd
Ms. Karissa Schemer
Ms. Deborah Schichtel
Ms. Lisa Schweich
Ms. Tammy Scott
Ms. Kelsey Scott
Ms. Chasity D. Scranton
Amber See
Mr. and Mrs. Larry T. Shaffer Jr.
Lorna Shavers
Ms. Therese K. Shelby
Ms. Marie Simmons
Mr. and Mrs. Billy W. Skinner
Brittany Slayton-King
Ms. Skylar Smith
Ms. Ashleigh N. Smith
Ms. Melissa A. Smith
Ms. Ida M. Smith
Ms. Miranda Smith
Ms. Regina Smith
Ms. Ali D. Smith
Ms. Kendria Smith
Ms. Rhonda J. Smith
Ms. Kaycee Smith
Ms. Haley Sparks
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Stafford
Ms. Brandi N. Stanfill
Ms. LaVonda B. Stanley
Ms. Shonda Steele
Mr. Trevor A. Stewart
Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy Stines
Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Stockdale
Dr. and Mrs. Lowell Stonecipher
Ms. Lakesha Stovall-Allen
Ms. Tabitha Strickland
Dr. and Mrs. Jason Sullivan
Mr. and Mrs. Roger D. Sullivan
Mr. and Mrs. Todd Swims
Mrs. Kakky Tanner
Dr. and Mrs. Jackie L. Taylor
Ms. Shana R. Taylor
Kaisey Taylor
Ms. Bonnie Taylor
Ms. Miriah M. Taylor
Mrs. Landon Taylor
Ms. Candice L. Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. Randy Thelen
Tracy Thomas
Ms. Kelsea Thomas
Ms. Lashayna Thomas
Ajiah Thomas
Ms. Kayla Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Don Thomson
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Thoreson
Ms. Connie L. Thornburg
Mr. Kyle Throckmorton
Ms. Jeannie L. Tignor
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Truex
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Tucker
Mr. Gordon T. Tucker
Mr. Bradley M. Tyson
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Tyson
Christina Tyszko
Ms. Alexis Vales
Ms. Jennifer M. Varner
Ms. Victoria Vasser
Ms. Cassie L. Vermillion
Mr. James G. Vinson
Ms. Katie Wade
Mr. Robert M. Walden
Ms. Cynthia Waldrop
Dr. and Mrs. Danny Walker
Ms. Jennifer L. Walker
Ms. Lisa Wall
Ms. Amber Wallace
Ms. Judy Wallace
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Ward
Britni Pledge-Watford
Mr. James L. Watford
Ms. Melissa Watkins
Mr. and Mrs. Allen Watts
Ms. Catherine N. Webb
Ms. Kristina Webb
Ms. Lyn Wells
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Wells
Mr. and Mrs. Jay M. Wentworth
Ms. Nancy J. Wheatley
Mr. and Mrs. Danny Wheeler
Mr. and Mrs. David White
Mr. and Mrs. Bill White
Ms. Dallas N. White
Ms. Brandi White
Ms. Jasmin Whiteside
Ms. Haley Wildridge
Ms. Ashley G. Wildridge
Ms. Karen Wilkes
Lynn Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Blake Williams
Ms. Darnisha Williams
Mr. Jon Williams
Ms. Caitlin Williams
Dr. and Mrs. F. E. Williamson, III.
Ms. Vernezzer Williamson
Ms. Marsha P. Willis
Ms. Carrie Wilson
Ms. Shanty D. Wilson
Brittany L. Wilson
Ms. Kandala B. Wise
Amanda Wiseman
Ms. Nancy Witherspoon
Mr. and Ms. Jeff Woods
Dr. and Mrs. Arthur Woods
Ms. Amber Worrell
Ms. Latricia Worsham
Mr. and Mrs. Wade Wright
Ms. Tammy Wright
Ms. Leighann Wright
Ms. Stephanie G. Wright
Dr. and Mrs. Lucius F. Wright III
Shena Yarbro
Ms. Shequitta S. Yarbrough
Mr. Jeremy Yates
Mrs. Cassandra B. Yates
Ms. Jada Young
Ms. Candice L. Young
Delores Howard
Mr. Henry M. Turley, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Jones
Jackson Elks Lodge No. 192, B.P.O.E
Morris & Dickson Co., LLC
EnableComp LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Larry J. Smith
The Bank of Jackson
Diversified Trust
Tennessee Hospital Association
Alexander Thompson Arnold, PLLC
Allison Contracting Company, LLC
Elite Contractors

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